Product Summary

An integrated system

The AVATAR system has been designed to meet the changing needs of modern publishing companies while ensuring good accounting practice and facilitating full auditability.

To achieve this, AVATAR offers a broad range of modules from Title Management through Stock Control to Rights and Royalties and Business Intelligence. The single most valuable feature of the system is the way these modules are designed to be linked to AVATAR’s core financial management and reporting capabilities to offer a genuinely integrated system.

As an integrated system AVATAR minimizes the need for users to enter duplicate data. So users spend far less time collating data and more time analyzing the reports and information the system provides.

Sales, margins, stock, rights and royalties calculations, no matter how complex, can be made easily and quickly. This transforms how staff involved in these activities can spend their time – with inevitably positive business benefits.

AVATAR’s powerful Business Intelligence reporting enables senior managers to monitor, at will, margins, performance, and lifetime profitability, and therefore make well-informed business decisions quickly and reliably.