What We Offer

Our approach to helping clients implement our integrated business management system is driven by our recognition that our role as a supplier should include reducing customer risk wherever possible and as a matter of priority. That is why, before each implementation begins, we prepare a detailed but non-technical project plan in close consultation with the customer. This plan then forms the basis of an agreed transfer of risk from the customer to PKF Littlejohn and it is then our responsibility to deliver an appropriate solution, for a fixed price and to an agreed timescale, that fully meets the business needs specified in the plan. Each implementation is phased to suit each customer’s different circumstances and priorities. Our aim is to minimise, wherever possible, the disruption associated with the introduction of new administration and information management systems.

Each AVATAR system plays a critical role within a user’s organisation. With this in mind, both the software and the complementary support services offered by PKF Littlejohn have been designed for maximum flexibility, ease of installation and efficiency of operation.

The full range of services offered includes:

  • A customer needs survey
  • A detailed project report defining agreed requirements and the recommended solution to meet these
  • Tailoring AVATAR to meet individual customer requirements
  • Implementing the AVATAR based solution, including cabling, hardware and communications products where required
  • On-site training
  • Providing temporary support staff to assist with workloads during the implementation phase

These services ensure that each customer receives an optimised, fully integrated system that becomes an asset from day one. We take great pride in providing prompt support whenever required by our clients so queries are handled directly by members of the AVATAR team.