AVATAR Bibliographic Database


The Bibliographic Database module provides for the distribution of data and other materials to bibliographic data owners. It is designed to be integrated with the AVATAR stock control, contact management and title management modules.

This module captures and outputs both core and rich data relating to the following:

Editorial, sales and marketing information

  • Summary listing of all Editions and Products under a Work
  • Full roles information on all Works, Editions and Products such as Author, Illustrator, Agent etc linking directly to the AVATAR Contact Management module
  • Title history
  • Pricing information
  • Publishing history
  • Publication date
  • Various notes fields on the Work and on each Edition and Product
  • Imprint information
  • Edition summary information
  • Edition specification details
  • Publication schedule

BIC and other industry codings including CBMC

  • Fully supports all versions of the book publishing subject classification codes
  • AVATAR is compatible with ONIX version 2.0 and supports mapping to all BIC standards & codes.