AVATAR Business Intelligence


The AVATAR system utilises the Cognos range of high quality Business Intelligence (BI) tools to enable publishers to obtain and analyse essential information from the AVATAR ledgers

A range of multi-dimensional models, known as BI cubes, including those for sales management and financial ledgers, have been specifically developed by PKF Littlejohn for the publishing industry. Additional BI cubes can be easily created to suit individual users’ needs.

BI cubes offer managers a smart tool which they can use to drill down quickly into AVATAR for the information they need. For example, such information might include regional sales figures and margins for the month, by sales person, product and customer. As the figures are presented in charts or spreadsheets, no additional formatting is required.

Access to information like this can help shape management decisions by transforming unstructured data into invaluable business intelligence for reviewing past performance and informing future planning.