AVATAR Rights Module


The Rights module is designed to deal with the calculation and receipt of rights income and rights specific advances.

This module can be seamlessly integrated with other AVATAR modules such as Sales Order Processing, Sales Ledger, Nominal Ledger, Project Costing and Stock Control.

Key features include:

  • Multiple customers per title
  • Multiple titles per client
  • Ability to pay different rights receivable amounts for different clients
  • Ability to cater for different rights contracts and calculations
  • Flexible Invoice production

The Rights module enables rights to be calculated:

  • as a percentage of sales
  • as a flat fee per copy sold
  • with an escalation of the rights percentage or amount based on quantity breaks
  • after achieving a minimum sales quantity

All receipts are handled via the AVATAR sales ledger and cater for:

  • advances from clients
  • VAT calculations for VAT-registered clients
  • multi-currency calculations and receipts
  • The AVATAR Rights module provides a large number of standard reports and is designed for integration with AVATAR’s Business Intelligence tools for user-specific reporting. Standard reports include rights ISBN, title, customer and customer type.