AVATAR Sales Order Processing


The Sales Order Processing module provides a full range of multi-currency sales order processing functions, including the ability to support multiple VAT rates, the provision of gratis copies, part orders and part deliveries.

It is designed to be seamlessly integrated with other AVATAR modules such as the Sales Ledger, Nominal Ledger, Stock Control, EDI, Royalties and Subscriptions.

Key features include:

  • Despatching
  • Invoicing
  • Printed invoices produced via 3rd party form production for enhanced appearance e.g. Createform
  • Direct Invoicing (despatching and invoicing combined into a single process)
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Easy creation of credit notes from original invoice
  • Multiple despatches and invoices per order
  • Part Order Indicator
    • - part orders i.e. process order with available stock and place rest on back order and await new stock
    • - Non Part Order i.e. part orders not allowed
    • - complete orders i.e. only process order when all stock is available
    • - Available stock orders i.e. process order with available stock but do not put remainder on back order
  • Order status can be set to
    • - Allocate immediately (if available)
    • - Not allocate stock
    • - Not allocate stock until a future date
    • - Allocate stock but hold for credit control reasons
    • - Cancelled
  • non-stock item orders
  • Overall discount held by customer
  • Country-specific VAT registration and VAT analysis
  • Mixed VAT rate products
  • Subscription Processing
    • - flexibility to handle variable frequency of issues
    • - extra issues for supplements
    • - variable lengths of subscription periods
    • - flexible pricing structures
    • - gratis copies
  • Series Orders
  • Automatic posting of SOP invoices, credit notes and cash including nominal and project ledger analysis with automatic cash allocation for cash with order invoices
  • Multiple price/discount tables for customer/product combinations
  • Multiple carriage rates or amounts with a user maintainable minimum and maximum value
  • Credit Reason codes
  • Internet enabled for placing orders on the web
  • Load and delivery subsystem

Internet enabled, the Sales Order Processing module enables publishers to offer their clients the ability to check their account status and place orders on the Web.

Support for series orders enables publishers to automate the delivery and invoicing of newly published items within a particular series. This also helps to improve the accuracy of income projections and sales forecasts for new products in a series.

AVATAR Sales Order Processing provides a large number of standard reports and is designed for integration AVATAR’s Business Intelligence tools for user-specific reporting. Standard reports include:

  • as a percentage of net sales
  • as a percentage of standard sales price (RRP or equivalent)
  • as a flat fee per copy sold
  • with an escalation of the royalty percentage or amount based on quantity breaks
  • after achieving a minimum sales quantity

All payments are handled via the AVATAR purchase ledger and cater for:

  • Comprehensive set of sales statistics reports by product, account, rep, category, area, product group. Both detailed and summary statistics reports can be produced.
  • Audit Report
  • Sales History
  • Sales Order Lists
  • Back Order
  • Stock Level
  • Order Reports
  • Picking Lists

Both detailed and summary statistics reports can be produced.