Technical Information

AVATAR is an open system that runs on a wide variety of computing platforms including UNIX and Windows. It uses proven and portable technologies that deliver current performance whilst providing long-term future proofing.

Not only is AVATAR able to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, it also protects investment through the use of industry standards like Oracle database compatibility. Partnerships with leading technology providers such as Cognos, the specialists in Business Intelligence, ensure a ‘best of breed’ approach to all aspects of the software’s design. AVATAR uses Axiant and Powerhouse from Cognos as the deployment environment and Powerplay and Impromptu from Cognos as the reporting and Business Intelligence tools.

Any reasonable size Windows server should be adequate for AVATAR’s needs. We would require a VPN connection over broadband for remote access. Any workstation running Windows 2000 or above will be suitable for running AVATAR.

AVATAR requires no specific network components other than a Windows domain to which the AVATAR users and printers are connected.

AVATAR is extremely scalable. Its architecture ensures that the system can expand as needed to support hundreds of users and millions of transactions per month. This, together with the software’s modular structure, ensures that users can introduce AVATAR at a pace and on a scale that suits their business, helping them to manage costs and minimise disruption.